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I did do a sort of ghastly literary portrait early on - never published, thank God - and I showed him bits of that and he thought then that it was too indiscreet. Q: Should readers expect to recognize the new material for what it is?

A: Well, there's a new introduction and a postscript which takes the story up to now in the Bacon world.

It would be great if you would add to this guestbook! My dad name was Vincenzo Castronovo ,he was born in Italy, I think in cimina, Italy.

If any one has a good site to find these arms it would be great thanks...

Steven Solbo Clemson, SC USA - Wednesday, December 27, 2000 at (EST) Looking for family history.

Surname-----Folino, Rosina born in 1886 in Calabria Cariolano, Alfonso born 1883 Could be spelled Coriolano Anything is more than I have now..

Is the actor only inclined towards highlighting his career in the media by keeping his personal life a low key one or is he seriously a gay and is in no hurry to disclose about his sexual orientation?

After teaming up with another co-writer Jonathan Goldstein in making the comedy movie “Horrible Bosses,” John Francis Day got struck by the heated rumor of being gay.

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