Simplepie not updating carbon 14 rock dating depends on carbons

Well - it is crazy When I add this module, it serves up an empty page.

I managed a site which is in a sensitive position and we have strengthed the security these days. format=feed&type=rss“ “Simple Pie/1.4-beta (Feed Parser; Allow like Gecko) Build/20160411220540” I thin this comes from a non-malicious request from the PHP RSS feed Simple Pie: that the url (or something in the agent string) is making the MUA Shield to think this is a malicious attack.

I’ll be using the New York Times for my examples – here’s what you should have to start: You can see in the above code the URL to the NY Times’ feed, and the beginning of our Simple Pie-based reader.

In the latest version of Simple Pie (v1.3), the constructor doesn’t take any arguments, unlike previous versions, and we use the and the reader is ready to go.

With the above beginning, Let’s add the following: do exactly what they say; they return the title and the description of the entire feed.

You can get the feed author (in some instances, but not with the NY Times feed), feed contributors, feed link(s), copyright, and of course items with similar methods.

Use force_feed() if you are certain this URL is a real feed.

Scott JWalter's comment, might be an issue with Google's protection mechanism.

Hi I am trying to decide if I will buy your premium extensions, but so far your support has been very bad.

Played with it a bit more, and didn't have the error again as long as NO other RSS feed modules were enabled. So it looks like g Calendar by Allon Moritz is conflicting with your Simple RSS reader.

Any page where they both try to pull in data will result in errors.

Please help me solve this problem - I am using the Simple RSS feed reader module, but I get this error when it is enabled and I try to browse to any page on my site: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Simple Pie in /home/dm_jessem/ line 346 If I disable it again, there is no error.

There are several posts in the forum, but no responses from your team.

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