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I constructed an intricate plan to tackle my love life as if I were solving complicated humanware problems. I found a local photographer, Karina Louise, who specializes in online dating photos.

My profile photo: hiring a professional First impressions are everything on dating profiles; a good photo makes for a more popular profile. My profile photos had been taken by friends on their phones and were unflattering in the way most smartphone photos are. We went to Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach, and to capture me in action she had me frolic on the beach and explore a rock garden. I hadn't done anything different with my clothes or make-up, but Karina captured my personality in a way my previous photographs hadn't.

If you had to make a major repair to your car, you wouldn't leave it up to an amateur. The shoots were fun and silly but the results were great. It made me feel more confident about myself and my looks.

Recording feedback on a spreadsheet I then put out a call on Facebook asking my friends to help select the best ones.

Then Dave goes home and enters all sorts of information into an sheet, to keep track of everyone. She was "very pretty," "sweet and down to earth," and had "a great personality." He hopes to see her again soon.

Dave goes on, and meets women, and sometimes goes on dates with them.

A sexually-frustrated husband compiled a spreadsheet charting a whole month’s worth of his wife’s excuses for refusing to have sex with him, including “I might be getting sick” and “I still don’t feel 100%”.

For a whole month the amorous husband jotted down every response from his other half when he asked her for intimacy, which elicited replies such as “I feel gross” and “I’m watching the show”, which he claims was a re-run of a Friends episode.

Another entry reads: 'OK girl, but very jappy', And for a man who treats women so well he deems it appropriate to make a spreadsheet just to remember their names, home towns and first dates, it is perhaps unsurprising that he wrote how one stood him up, claiming a friend was in hospital.

In a second page, he lists the women he has met through friends, rather than the dating website.

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