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VOLTA NAOMI SAFRAN-HONSlag Gallery She uses cement, paint, and photography to make historical-looking objects.FLORIAN HEINKECharlie Smith He uses black acrylic on raw canvas to make sensual and often political paintings.

In this GOOD to KNOW you can learn more about the innovative production technology for customized quartz glass parts from a single casting.

ANKE WEYEROffice Baroque Anke makes these beautiful, abstract, strong paintings.

We had her up last year but think she is getting stronger with this new body of work.

Following his instructive drawings, men, women and children lay down upon oranges, their bodies levitated by the globes of fruit; books were stiffly stacked between arms and legs in a desperate attempt not to let pages flutter to the ground; two people at a time burrowed inside a jumper, wool stretching at the seams as both heads popped out of the top, individuals reborn as Siamese twins. Continue reading Alona Rodeh »Gas Station 2000«, (2002), vegetation, industrial paint, light box, vinyl stickers, poster, water bottles; dimensions variable, installation at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design sculpture workshop Ariel Reichman | PSM For a studio visit with a conceptual artist, the premise of ours with Ariel Reichman may sound underwhelming: a stark white room in Tel Aviv seen through the lens of a pixilated Skype video call.

But as I realize Ariel is the type of artist I will learn more from listening to than following around a space, our discussion makes up for the restrictive setting.

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